Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

hey all.. attention please!!!
 i have a good news.. good news.. good news!!!!
do you want it?? lets join the contest now!!
just click the picture above.. yippie ^,^


Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland Malaysia?? it is because

First of all, I am one of Maybank card holders!! I also use Maybank2u to make online transactions. I respect the security!! ^,^ Maybank is the best!!

Second, I am very excited about the LEGO design!! for the first time i am looking the building design by  LEGO is on my friend Facebook's album.. "Woaahhh!!" is my first impression (it was a pretty cool bebeh).. Sincerely, I'm as a Town Planner very exited to see the building design in real.. Maybank, please give me the free ticket..wink wink ^,^

i  Lets see the picture below.. 
"giantttt isss comingggg !!!! waaaaa!!!!" children imagination=)

"Woahh.. its look like very real"

eiman was inside the shark's mouth!!
^,^ cute huh ^,^

maybank should give me the Legoland tickets..
I really want to go there!!

psssttt.... this is my 1st entry in english!! sorry for the broken english.. ^,^

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